About the artist:

Thomas Favilla has worked with wood his whole life. When he visited Italy, he saw a artisan making pipes out of briar. The pieces were beautiful, so he imagined how he might design and build shaving handles and brushes from the same material. He began to cut and shape the briar into collectible works of art. Thomas is very proud to have these pieces available to you on a very limited basis. The brushes come with a certificate of authenticity and offer you a choice of shaving knot. All brushes are hand made by Thomas and are one of a kind works of art.

About his art:

A few thoughts that come to mind when holding a handmade briar shaving brush made by life-long woodworker and craftsman, Thomas Favilla: “luxurious”, “unique”, “one of a kind”. These brushes are true works of art; each one completely unique and hand-numbered. You will not be disappointed, whether treating yourself or a special someone in your life. Each briar handle brings together practicality with high quality materials to reveal a unique and one-of-a-kind creation. To this end, high quality Plateau briar is sculpted and shaped by hand to bring out the innate features and beauty found within each block of briar. Absolutely no wood fillers are used, allowing any natural fissures and burls to be exposed, further adding to each shaving handle’s unique character. Natural pigments, oils and waxes are used for the finest possible finish. Naturally beautiful!

Packaged in a gift box with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Made by hand by Thomas Favilla